Extracellular Electrophysiology with Microelectrode Arrays

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Technical Basics

Applications what you can do with MEAs

Beating cardiomyocytes

Beating cardiomyocytes: A multicellular electrophysiology model of the heart
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Action potential along an axon

High resolution recordings at subcellular levels
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96 well plate with drug addition

Multiwell MEA: Drug screening – high content meets high throughput
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Neuronal cell culture with spike bursts

Neuronal cell culture and tissue preparations
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Product Range everything from high resolution to high throughput

With the MEA2100-System, the CMOS-MEA5000-System and the Multiwell-MEA-System, Multi Channel Systems covers the complete range from basic research over high resolution electrophysiology to high throughput screening. Featuring an unmatched sampling rate of up to 50 kHz per channel, all MCS hardware ensures the highest and most accurate data quality.

For more detailed information on the systems, please go the MCS website.



Providing tools for data acquisition and analysis, the Multi Channel Suite is a reliable, flexible, yet powerful software for electrophysiological experiments. From filters to spike detection and stimulation, the software offers various instruments that can be combined easily via drag-and-drop. It comes with all MEA-Systems and can be downloaded for free from the MCS website.

Acquisition and analysis of data from 4225 channels is a challenge, but the CMOS-MEA-Control software makes it easy. It provides a real-time overview on the complete chip and various tools for detailed offline analysis.

The Multiwell-Screen software, which comes with all Multiwell-MEA-Systems, is easy to use, intuitive and guides you through the experiment while offering in-depth analysis. When starting your experiment, you choose between neuronal and cardiac applications and the software then provides instruments according to your experimental needs. As you define your compounds in the software, dose-response curves are displayed online and only seconds after the experiment, you get a detailed report over all experimental parameters and results.

For acquiring and analyzing field potential data from cardiac cells or tissue, the Cardio2D software is the ideal tool. Providing instruments for mapping signal propagation patterns or measuring conduction velocity, Cardio2D is the perfect addition to your MEA2100-System.

The LTP-Director is a specialized software solution to run standardized LTP (long-term potentiation) experiments in hippocampal slices. It features complete control of recording and stimulation, as well as automated perfusion, online data analysis, and documentation of the experiments.

Multi Channel Systems offering solutions for all needs

At MCS, your needs come first. We will provide complete solutions for your in vitro electrophysiological research.

Customer Service always here to support you

Product consultant on customer visit

Customer Visits

To find the optimal solution for your needs an MCS-consultant will visit your institute and demonstrate the products on site. The MCS team is on tour throughout Europe regularly, so if you want to see the products in your laboratory, please use the contact form below and MCS will arrange to visit you.

MCS employee holding a webinar

Online Webinars

MCS offers a wide range of webinars explaining the products and their advantages for your research. You can easily sign up via the MCS website. All webinars are recorded, so you can always come back and watch a recorded session whenever you like. All webinars include a Q&A session, where the MCS-specialist will answer all of your questions about a product or its application.

MCS employee giving supporting advice


MCS has a team of experienced application scientists, who have worked with the MEA-System for years and are always available to help you with any issue. They are specialized in cardiac and neuronal electrophysiology respectively and are available via email, phone or Skype.

Product demonstration at a conference meeting


MCS exhibits its products at over 15 conferences every year. At the booth, you can see the products and our specialists can fully explain the features and give you a demonstration of the software. Conferences are always a great way to see new updates and to get in touch with the MCS team.

Sales person helping customer via phone

Sales Team

The sales team is your permanent personal contact at MCS. Starting with early consideration on an adequate MEA-System up to long-term aftersales-service, they will remain with you throughout your relationship with us. They can recommend the right system for your experimental requirements, send you quotations and help you with any documentation you might need.
The MCS sales team covers Europe (except UK), Latin America, Australia, India, and Africa. In other countries, MCS is supported by distribution partners.

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